Design Rebillot LLC


designrebillot and alchemydevelopment

After many years of having established offices with in-house professional staff, Blaine Rebillot, as architect + developer, prefers to work through a consortium of highly skilled and experienced professionals chosen specifically for each client and their project. This hand picked team brings the strongest possible level of talent, knowledge and ability to the table for all professional disciplines as required for each project. This approach holds true for both designrebillot and alchemydevelopment.

Beginning with his original firm, Sunspace Architects, Blaine has always believed in the now popular sustainable design theories and concepts, which to him are common sense. Many of his designed projects have demonstrated this thinking, as has his tireless efforts and dedication to educating people on this subject since the 1970's. Such techniques as passive and active solar systems, wind generation, earth berming and sheltering, material recycling, use of natural daylighting and simple site orientation are a few of the design principles utilized in Blaine's designs.

We believe that we provide a service that most firms do not. We do not believe that "good service" is only about deadlines, budgets, professionalism, etc. That, to Blaine, should be understood as a common, entry-level service to be provided by any legitimate design professional.

We firmly believe the most critical service we provide is IDEAS. We give you our minds, isn't that why you hire us ?

Our design philosophy couples responsiveness to human needs and integrity of design with functional, cost effective solutions. As per his Great Lakes roots, Blaine has always taken great pride in giving the client more of a building (functionally, aesthetically and quality wise) for the dollar invested than they ever anticipated prior to commissioning him. Beautiful / eco-friendly buildings do not need to cost more ! We understand that service is an intangible issue and that talent is a subjective issue. However, we do believe that passion for what you do and believe in are very real.